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Dupage Express


Dupage Express Local Youth Teams

The Dupage Express is improved for the 2016-17 Winter Season. This is the place to be for all competitive level players. Last year was our second season of Dupage Express basketball, and it was a great experience. We were able to watch players improve on a weekly basis right before our eyes, from playing in a league that helped them gain experience, play at a faster pace, and play on an organized team.


The Dupage Express teams will have a season that runs November - February, and will give players an opportunity to play in 20-25 games. All teams will play in the West Suburban Youth League (WSYL) which will have 20 games. Games will be on weekends (Saturday and/or Sunday; Excluding Holidays) at Supreme Courts and other local gyms in our improved West Suburban Youth League (WSYL).  Teams will also play in 1-2 one-day CYBN events.

The WSYL are local games against competitive, apropriate travel teams from around the area.  MVP's are awarded each game with an All-Star game at each grade level.  The league will have Play-offs at the end and teams will be appropriately matched for ultimate competition throughout the season.

There is a $5/person fee for admission each day for the WSYL League. 

Tournament Schedule: Teams will play in the WSYL (20 League games against appropriate competition) and 1-2 one-day events (CYBN tournaments)

Practice Schedule: Most teams will practice on Friday evenings.  Younger teams will be in the early timeslots (515p to 645p, 645p to 815p, or 815p to 945p)


Rosters: Players who played last year automatically have a spot in our program on a team.  We will also place players on teams based on tryout evaluations and where they've previously played.  Our goal is to make our teams competitive along with players having fun.

Grades: 3rd - 8th Grade Boys

Season: October 9th - February 25th

Practices/Trainings: 2 Practices per week *Teams will not practice/play the week of Thanksgiving or the week between Christmas and New Year's

Coaching: Teams will be professionally coached (by a verified parent OR professional staff coach), and are under the direction of Supreme Courts administration. Coaches are required to attend coaches meetings conducted by Supreme Courts Staff.

Season Price: $595

Uniform Pricing: $100 + tax (Dupage Express will have a new uniform this season!!)

Tryout Schedule **Tryouts held at Supreme Courts**:

  • 3rd-6th Grade (8/28 and 8/29  - 6p to 7p)
  • 7th-8th Grade (8/28 and 8/29 - 715p to 815p)
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