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Jump Start

Kindergarten-2nd Grade
 Jump-start your child’s basketball career with our focus on fun! We will be teaching the basics of basketball to our young players. This program is designed to introduce basketball to young children. The focus is on the love of the game and having fun! Each session will involve high energy, lots of different activities and contests! We want players to develop a love for basketball and this is the first step! The Jump Start program will also allocate time to Skill Training. Dribbling, passing, and shooting will be the main skill focus with fun drills to keep players engaged! We will use the official Biddy Ball rules with time each day focused on understanding the rules of the game. Each day will be dedicated to helping youth players understand the fundamentals of basketball while having a competitive, fun structure to the camp! ALL JUMP START PROGRAMS USE 8 FOOT HOOPS!  


 November-December 2016 League  November 1 - December17 6 Weekly Practices + 6 Saturday Games $165

 January - February 2017 League  January 3 - Feb 23 8 Weekly Practices + 8 Saturday Morning Games $145

 March Madness 2017  March 7 - March 31 4 Weekly Practices + 4 Friday Games $95

 April 2017 Jump Start Class  April 4 - April 27 4 Practices $60 8 Practices $95

 May 2017 Jump Start Class  May 2 - May 25 4 Practices $60 8 Practices $95 

 June 2017 Summer Camp  June 12 - June 14 3 Days $75

 July 2017 Summer Camp  July 10 - July 12 3 Days $75 

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