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PROSPERITY is a basketball developmental program designed to build the basketball skills of players from a beginner level to an established player.  We accept all athletes with various skill levels to compete and train in customized and individualized sessions designed and tailored to their specific skill set.  As a players' developmental maturity increases, so does our level of trainings, performance regiments, and level of competition. So, whether you are a first time or an experienced player, We have a starting stage that is right for ANY player!

Although we emphasize athletic development, it is just as important that we also focus on “personal development” to help our participants become well rounded "student-athletes".   Our sessions also incorporate teaching participants proper social skills, high school and college level preparation and readiness.  We are also parents, so we expect the same behavior that ALL PARENTS EXPECT.  

The following is a culmination of decades of accumulated basketball knowledge ranging from grammar school to the NBA.  This is a basketball blueprint that we have created for our program that has resulted in 12 AAU championships in 3 years and with over 10 of those athletes receiving college scholarship offers.  

  • 1 visit - $40
  • 5 trainings - $150 ($30 each)
  • 10 trainings - $250 ($25 each)
  • 15 trainings - $300 ($20 each)

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