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 Attack-Supreme Courts - Fall Teams


Program Purpose

We want to give our Attack players an opportunity to play on a team with other Attack players and a professional Attack coach.  Each team will have 4 weekends to play (8 games) and players will have a chance to get on the floor and gain valuable experience before their winter season starts!

These games should be fun and provide our players with an opoortunity to get better each time they step on the floor.  There are no practices, just games!

Team Details

Teams will play under Illinois Attack.

Coach Details

All coaches are current Attack coaches.  They are purposely not coaching their winter season grade so they can interact with new players!  This should be a new and valuable experience for all of our players!

Players - 6th Grade Attack Players ONLY

Rosters - 10 spots available (first come/first serve).  These spots are not specific to your upcoming winter season team. **if we need to add more teams at a specific grade level, then we wll do so based on registrations**

Games - Players will play in our CYBN Youth Fall League

Competition - Other local travel teams

Amount of Games - 8 games total (2 each date) - Must commit to making all 8 games

Jerseys - Attack Uniforms (old uniforms are fine)

Cost - $100 per player (no partial registrations - must plan to make all 8 games)

Coaches & Game Dates - 

  • 6th Grade -  Chris McMath (Dates TBD)