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  • JUNE: 7th - 10th

  • JUNE: 21st - 24th

  • JULY: 12th - 15th


  • Camp T-Shirts (while supplies last)

  • Fun Drills & Games

  • Shooting Contests

  • Camp Basketballs Provided


  • Professional Coaches

  • Biddy Ball Rules

  • Play on 8 foot rims

Jump Start Program Summer Sessions 2021

FORMAT: There will be two separate sessions for Jump Start Summer

  • JUNE Camp 1 (completed)

  • JUNE Camp 2

  • JULY Camp

CLASS LAYOUT: Four Day Camps (90 minutes each day)

  • Mix between drills, games, and scrimmages

  • Last half hour organized scrimmage


  • Session 1 (Nov-Dec)

  • Session 2 (Jan-Feb)


  • Professional Coaches

  • Skills practice every week

  • Biddy Ball Rules

  • Professionally coached games

  • Play on 8 foot rims

  • Player of the Week

Jump Start Program Winter Session 2021 - 2022

FORMAT: There will be two separate sessions for Jump Start Winter

  • NOVEMBER/DECEMBER - Start first week of November always, ends before Christmas

  • JANUARY/FEBRUARY - Start first week after New Year, ends last week of February

CLASS LAYOUT: Two classes per week

  • One skills session during week (1 hour)

  • One Friday night Scrimmage (20 minute halves, 45 minutes allotted time, running clocks)

  • November/December no teams, they will be formed each night

  • January/February - Specific teams and game schedules will be made

  • One class for evaluations to make fairest teams possible

DISCOUNTS: Discount will be offered to players who sign for Nov/Feb all at once - $9/hour

Program Details & Goals

PROGRAM GOALS: To provide a fun learning environment for kids K-2nd grade. To teach young players the fundamentals of basketball while cultivating a love for the game. Every kid should leave the Jump Start session knowing:

  • Triple Threat - Pass, shoot, dribble

  • Rip through footwork

  • Jump stop

  • Pivot

  • Passing form

  • All the lines on the floor - sideline, elbow, 3-point line, etc.

  • Basic rules & terminology of the game - double dribble, travel, etc.


  • Begin teaching more advanced game techniques

    • Where to run down floor​

    • Which side to be on during defense

    • Not to run to the ball

    • Cut to basket after a pass

    • What a good shot is

  • When players make mistakes, they should be corrected within reason. For example - if a player travels, coach should explain why, and give that player the ball back at the top of the key. The main purpose here is to learn from mistakes and get better. By the end of the season players will understand basic basketball rules and penalties.

  • Teach good sportsmanship and attitude


  • Professional Coaching - identify unique skills

  • Never more than 1:10 coach to kid ratio


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