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Program Details & Goals

PROGRAM GOALS: To provide a fun learning environment for kids K-2nd grade. To teach young players the fundamentals of basketball while cultivating a love for the game. Every kid should leave the Jump Start session knowing:

  • Triple Threat - Pass, shoot, dribble

  • Rip through footwork

  • Jump stop

  • Pivot

  • Passing form

  • All the lines on the floor - sideline, elbow, 3-point line, etc.

  • Basic rules & terminology of the game - double dribble, travel, etc.


  • Begin teaching more advanced game techniques

    • Where to run down floor​

    • Which side to be on during defense

    • Not to run to the ball

    • Cut to basket after a pass

    • What a good shot is

  • When players make mistakes, they should be corrected within reason. For example - if a player travels, coach should explain why, and give that player the ball back at the top of the key. The main purpose here is to learn from mistakes and get better. By the end of the season players will understand basic basketball rules and penalties.

  • Teach good sportsmanship and attitude


  • Professional Coaching - identify unique skills

  • Never more than 1:10 coach to kid ratio

Weekly Sessions


Spring Sessions

March Madness

Formats: Tuesday/Friday OR Thursday/Friday

Time: Skill Sessions (Tue/Thurs) are 5:00 to 6:00 PM

Game Nights are 5:15 PM or 6:15 PM 

Starts February 27th (Tue) or February 29th (Thurs) and ends March 22nd (4 weeks/8 sessions)


April: Starts 4/5 and ends 4/26

May: Starts 5/3 and ends 5/24

Fridays Only - 5:00 to 6:30

Game Nights​

Formats: Controlled Scrimmage with 9 minutes quarters and substitutions halfway through each quarter

This is a great environment to learn the game of basketball in a "game-like" setting. Players are allowed to steal after halfcourt and are encouraged to work on their individual and team skills.  

Nothing to book right now. Check back soon.
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